• Registration: Social Responsibility Certification

    Why obtain the Certification in Social Responsibility? 

    Every organization where alcohol is served or sold must be in possession of a Drank- en Horecavergunning (Beverage and Catering Licence). You can apply for this permit in the municipality where the organization is located. In accordance with the law, the managers listed on this permit must meet the following requirements:

    • They may not be under guardianship
    • They may not be in bad standing in any respect
    • They must have sufficient knowledge and understanding with regard to Social Hygiene

    Managers must be able to prove that they have sufficient knowledge and understanding of social hygiene. In order to demonstrate this, they must therefore obtain the SVH Diploma Social Hygiene. With this diploma you can prove that you have sufficient knowledge and insight. 

    When you register for a date you have to fill out this form about your personal details for the certificate: https://forms.office.com/r/uRUFFcd22p